Excellent pic.

Maximum Air by Raid71
A print from the project Art V Cancer.

Long padded coat, removable collar, in black supple lambskin “doublé de même”Long dress in charcoal light cashmere flannel 

Paolaphotography frédéric auerbach
Portraits of women in HermèsLe Monde d’Hermès № 35, 1999 Vol. II, Fall–Winter 1999–2000

‘Rollerboy’ spiked suede loafers by Christian Louboutin
Such an elegant thin sole.

Fuck You! table lamp by Andrea Maestri
As an artist/designer, he often pokes fun at stereotypes, religion, sex and iconography.
Kristoff Kristinia…smooth (Lightbox photo)
maurice garden 2 (Lightbox photo)
maurice garden (Lightbox photo)
Cooking Institute of America, Napa Valley (Lightbox photo)
Cellar (Lightbox photo)
Aging Barrels (Lightbox photo)
Barrels (Lightbox photo)
Barrels (Lightbox photo)
Tokalon Tanks (Lightbox photo)